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  • Sandy Fish (Wednesday, April 25 18 06:38 am EDT)

    So I found this website via a google search. We are redoing our landscaping and I wanted a unique concrete bench...not something you buy at a box store...and it needed to be priced reasonably. This place was amazing. I went there yesterday. Be prepared to walk a lot but they have everything you can imagine in concrete. If you want it finished it's about a 2 week wait but much of what they have does not need to be finished to look good. They do have a small selection of painted items for sale. I was a retail, not wholesale customer. Their staff was wonderful. They loaded everything very carefully in my car. I am thrilled with all my purchases. And yes, I drove 2 hours each way to get there. It was WELL worth the trip. I went for a bench and came home with a bench and three other items! I will be back!

  • Becky Scott (Thursday, March 22 18 10:47 am EDT)

    I have been buying things from you for years! I also get my pond supplies from you too. I have over 62 concrete items in my yard. I have 2 fountains, 3 bird bathes.I even have the large cemetery Angel in my yard.I LOVE Concrete Lady!

  • John Beagle (Friday, March 17 17 06:55 pm EDT)

    I was interested in a whole sale price list.

  • David Bryant (Sunday, September 11 16 10:51 am EDT)

    My wife and I came back to your store and purchased a bird bath and a small yorkie statue which we had Concrete Lady paint for us. You did an outstanding job on the paint work that it is used as a
    headstone for 2 of our beloved late yorkshire terriers which are buried in our backyard. We will bring photos of the birdbath which we have painted ourselves.
    Thank you Concrete Lady.

  • Priya (Sunday, August 02 15 12:23 am EDT)

    The collection at their retail store is amazing. The prices are very reasonable too. I got a fountain and an urn . both are beautiful!

  • Bubba's Landscaping (Sunday, July 13 14 03:11 pm EDT)

    We love all the wonderful statues we have bought and will be buying more! From molding, painting, to preparing to ship is fabulous! I recommend The Concrete Lady to everyone!

  • David & Donna Bryant (Sunday, March 16 14 06:27 pm EDT)

    My wife and I visited your Jeffersonville store and were astounded at the variety and quantity of different items you had on display at your location. When we went to see what you had inside the gift
    shop we were so amazed at the things for sale that we ended up buying over $160. in merchandise. Thank you Concrete Lady for allowing us the opportunity to see the different items for sale at your
    store and we will come back for more.

  • bess----yard art (Monday, March 18 13 09:21 am EDT)

    love the web site you did a great job. so easy to find things. keep up the good work

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