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The Concrete Lady


The Otisco Location:


4910 Highway 3

Otisco, Indiana 47163

Phone: 1-812-256-5069

Fax: 1-812-256-7039

Sunday - Closed

Monday - Closed


       Closed - COVID-19



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Welcome to The Concrete Lady.

The Concrete Lady Inc. has the largest variety of concrete statuary in the United States.

Due to the Coronavirus we will be closing for a little while in the office. If you are planning to come and pick up an order please give us a call at 812-256-5069 so that we can have staff available when you get here.

If you have previously placed an order please do not worry we are still taking appointments for you to pick up your concrete statues.

This is our Otisco Location, where it all started in 1976. It all started here in a two car garage and has expanded to a 15 acre lot. We sell primarily wholesale at this location, but we also sell to the public and take orders on painted statuary. If you are planning on traveling to our location and want to be sure that we have the item(s) you are wanting when you get here, you can also place an order for them unpainted. We try our very best to make sure that all orders get finished in a timely manner! If you DO NOT pay for your item ahead we cannot guarentee that we will have it in stock when you get here. We try to keep everything in stock but with selling wholesale at this location someone could come in and buy all of the pieces that you are looking for. 

This is our Jeffersonville location which was opened in 1989 to sell to our retail customers. Here we have a smaller variety of concrete statuary, but in addition we also have our Water Garden Center and Gift Shop. We have recently sold the Jeffersonville Location, it is now known as Concrete Kingdom.


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